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Brick Paving (Pavers) and Edging for flower beds, patios, sidewalks, and porches

There are many different styles, colors, patterns, and sizes of paving bricks. We always follow proper procedures when we install brick pavers so that your project will look great for many, many years. All our work is guaranteed and I can give you a free estimate. We can handle brick edging jobs from small repairs to existing areas or large projects like complete installation of brick paver patios or driveways. We have the skills and equipment to do the job correctly and quickly.

Below are clickable thumbnail images of some of our jobs showing the progress and the vastly improved appearance of quality brick and stonework.

Click on the pictures to see a larger view.

Brick Flower Bed Borders / Flower Bed Edging

A beautiful house is complemented by a beautiful yard and custom brick edging around well maintained flower beds add a visual bang to any home. Here we redesigned the bed borders using semi-rough light colored bricks. The same theme edges the custom brick patio on the side of the house. This bed really stands out at the home.

Brick Paver Patio and Sidewalk

One of the first paving jobs was a brick patio at my home. It was an excellent learning experience, most of the work was done by hand with no machines. We have installed many brick patios since then with many happy customers to show for it.

We built a large brick patio behind the house with a sidewalk leading to the garage as well as created a nice bed that bordered the patio.

Large stones, shrubs, and flowers were added, finishing the job and drastically improving the appearance of the home as well as creating a pleasant patio area to sit and socialize.

Brick Porch and Walkway

This is the same home as above, with the brick patio in the rear of the home. We demolished the entire front porch of the home and replaced it with a large, very attractive brick porch. This picture shows the beginning stages of the work. This is near the end. The railing needs to be added still but much of the work has been completed. Brick porches certainly improve the look of a home!

Brick Flowerbed Edge / Border

A marina wanted two simple flower beds added to one of the walkways leading to the docks. This was a relatively small job but we enjoy them all, large or small. Another view of the two flower beds showing the brick edging installed.

Brick Paver Entrance Walkway

This office wanted its existing walkway demolished and removed and then replaced with a custom brick walkway. It was a lot of work removing the existing concrete but the bricks will be so much more attractive. This shows the job almost done. You can already tell this is going to be a much more appealing entrance.

Rough Stone Walkway

A small home wanted a rough stone walkway added to give it that old fashioned country look, a walk in the woods sort of feel. While small, this simple update really adds a lot of appeal! The fountain was a nice touch and really makes the place feel inviting.

Property Damage Repairs using Rough Stones

As is often the case with commercial properties, damage happens. Someone drove over the edge of this timber edged bed with a large truck. It was just as well though because the wood was almost completely rotten and had lost a lot of its original appeal. Another view of the same bed. This one doesn't show the damage as well though. A final view before our repairs and updates.
A major improvement! The stone will last virtually forever and doesn't fade over time or rot like the timbers. This job will almost certainly last many, many years to come.
Another view.

Large Scale Landscaping

This was a fun job using stones similar to the ones above, creating several large beds and retaining walls. We brought some of our heavy duty equipment for this job. Its starting to take shape.
You can start to see the lines forming and imagine the final outcome. Almost there... Looking better...
And almost done. Flowers, shrubs, and other ground cover are still to come but this property owner is going to love the shape and contour of their view now.
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