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Flower Beds, Weeding, Mulch, and more, for Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan

Bed Maintenance

When I was young I did not like to pull weeds but I did it anyway. There are many things we do even if we don't like to. I don't mind doing it today as much as I did back then. Removing weeds certainly makes a garden or planting area look great.


We offer manpower or machines to help make your beds and planting areas look great by removing the weeds then tilling the soil, bark, or mulch. Some clients need once per month flower bed weed removal while others only need it once or twice per year. I can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to get the weeds in your job removed and under control.


Installing shredded bark mulch, cedar mulch, or colored mulch, can help any landscape look great. Mulch is recommended to hold down weed growth and for keeping the soil moist around trees, shrubs, and plants. We are able to deliver and install the mulch at your location. Estimates are free and can help you determine how much is needed.

Flower Bed Borders

We can install decorative brick paver flower bed borders or natural stones to give your flower beds an improved look. See our brick paving and stonework page for pictures of some of the work we have done in the past.

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