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Landscaping Service for Troy and most of Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan

New Construction, Commercial, Industrial, Apartments, and Residential Landscaping

Through the years I have learned many things about landscaping. I know better the identity of many plants, shrubs, and trees. I have learned where is the best place to plant certain types of trees and shrubs. We can handle all size landscape projects, large or small. We offer top quality landscaping service for most cities throughout Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan including, Troy, Sterling Heights, Warren, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Birmingham, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield, and more. Please contact us for a free quote!

Here are some of the many services we offer.

Landscape Designs

I can read your landscaping plan and come up with an estimate for total costs. I can make a plan for most smaller jobs, or I could draw a diagram and list details for your landscaping needs.

Landscape Planning

I can help you plan your personal landscaping yard or garden. Planning what to plant and where to plant it is very important. It is important because of sun or shade and if the plant will grow there. Where to put certain trees according to type, growing size, etc.

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

We can perform all phases of lawn irrigation including designs, installation, repairs and maintenance, and winterizing. We offer free estimates.

Landscape Installations

We are capable of complete landscape renovations including removal and disposal of wood timbers, old landscape plants and shrubs, concrete, fill dirt, brush, stumps, and much more. Installation of top soil, stones, rocks, boulders, trees, shrubs, plants, black edging, mulch, and much more. Free estimates are available.


Many types of mulch are available these days, including hardwood, cedar, red, brown, black, etc. Mulch can be an important part of your landscape. It helps prevent weeds, helps to keep the soil moist, and then deteriorates and turns to compost and adds nutrients to the soil. I can estimate how much you need and we can install mulch at your location. Most places look very good after a fresh installation of mulch. Call for a free estimate. Please see our lawn care page for more information.

Brick Paving

We have all the tools and equipment needed to install pavers properly and keep them looking great. Brick paving is very popular, looks great, and may increase the value of your property. Many, many styles and colors are available. I can estimate the cost for complete installation at your location. Please see our brick paving and retaining walls page for more information.

Retaining Walls

There are some good choices for retaining walls. Wood timbers can be used, but are not recommended because they do not last forever and will deteriorate after some years. Other choices include boulders, large rocks, natural or flat rocks, and new concrete paver style wall pieces. We can help you plan your project and we can install the new wall properly. Please see our brick paving and retaining walls page for more information.


We can deliver and install all needed trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants, for your landscape yard or garden. Most sizes and any amount that you need planted. We can provide the plants or we can plant those that you have purchased. I can help you plan what shrubs, trees, or plants that you should use, where to plant them, and how to take care and maintain them. We offer free estimates.


We can deliver and install most types of stones, pea gravel, crushed concrete, limestone, lava rock, and most colorful ground cover stone. Landscape fabric and black edging may also be needed for your stone area. I can help you estimate how much stone you need and I have samples available.

New Sod

We have the ability to install new sod at your property. Whether it is new construction or a renovation project, we can do the job. We use high quality Kentucky Blue sod and our prices are fair and competitive. We have all the equipment needed to prepare your site before the sod is installed. Give us a call and I can estimate your needs for free.

Grass Seed

New grass seed may be what you need. We can prepare the area, apply the seed, and also apply straw to help the new seed grow. We offer free estimates to help decide how much will be needed.


Small loads or large loads, most landscape supplies can be delivered by us to your location. We have pickup trucks, small dump trucks, large dump trucks, or we can even get semi-truck loads if you need that much. A short list of supplies:

  • Top soil
  • Peat
  • 1/2 and 1/2 peat top soil
  • Compost
  • Mulch
  • Sod
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Stones
  • Rocks
  • Boulders
  • Slag sand
  • Crushed concrete
  • Limestone
  • Fill dirt
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