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Troy Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing is the most basic practice for maintaining lawn turf. Mowing performed at the correct height and frequency is essential to the health and density of the lawn. Removing leaf tips induces plants to form new sprouts, increasing density. Mowing can affect water quality, also. A healthy lawn can withstand more pest pressure and needs less pest control. The denser turf cover also helps prevent soil erosion.

Height of Cut
Turfgrasses are well adapted to frequent mowing, but mowing too short will reduce the vigor of the plants by reducing their ability to manufacture food. Also, there is a direct relationship between cutting height and the amount of roots a grass plant can maintain. Lowering the mowing height reduces the root system. This restricts the ability of the plant to absorb water and nutrients. In recent years, recommendations for mowing height have steadily increased for home lawns. Earlier recommendations for a cutting height of 1.5 inches were common. Current
standards suggest between 2 and 3.75 inches. Higher cut lawn grasses are more stress tolerant. This is especially important during the summer heat period. Taller grass plants with higher density have a profound shading effect on the soil surface, which reduces germination of weed seeds, particularly crabgrass. This is an excellent way to reduce herbicide use, especially where the lawn is properly fertilized and watered to maintain vigor. Read more michigan lawn mowing tips and info.

Mowing Frequency
A general rule of thumb is not to remove more than one-third of the total leaf surface when mowing your lawn. This may require mowing every four to five days during rapid growth in the spring. Removing more than one-third of total leaf surface can severely injure the grass plant by decreasing its ability to support its underground portions. Read more michigan lawn mowing tips and info.

Our Service
We offer top quality lawn cutting service for most cities throughout Oakland and Macomb Counties in Michigan including, Troy, Sterling Heights, Warren, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Birmingham, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield, and more. Please contact us for a free quote!

Our Lawn Cutting Program

  • Spring cleanup - We remove leaves, branches, litter, etc from your lawn.
  • Lawn mowing - We mow your lawn, edge concrete sidewalks and walkways, whip trim weeds and tall grass around buildings, trees, and other obstacles, and use backpack blowers for cleanup.
  • Lawn fertilizer - We use only top quality products and offer fair prices tailored to the needs of your lawn.
  • Power rake - Power raking is used to dethatch a lawn, removing excess dead grass and other clippings. We cleanup and haul away the thatch for disposal.
  • Grass seed - We can apply new grass seed to any poor lawn areas that you may have. I can inform you of the best seed to use for your lawn.
  • Fall clean-up - Cleaning up leaves can be a very big job. Big or small we can do it. We can haul away leaves, mulch the leaves, or take them to the curb, based on where you live and what you need.
  • Complete lawn maintenance - We have written agreements with complete details of what we plan to do and when we will do it.

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Spring and Fall Clean-ups

If you have an overgrown area or just need some old shrubs or weed trees removed, we are happy to assist. We can remove or trim overgrown shrubs, dead branches and limbs, or remove ugly weed trees growing in fences. In addition, we can clean up all leaves, weeds, litter, or debris from your lawn, then haul it away and dispose of it.

Lawn mowing is a critical part of a beautiful lawn. Call us at 248-524-1822 or fill out this form for a free quote today!

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